Saturday, December 3, 2011

Coming soon to a theatre near you: Weekend at Markov's

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Weekend at Markov's is a 2011 French-Canadian comedy film directed by Geoff Molson. A comedy starring Pierre Gauthier and Jacques Martin features the two as a couple of old hockey guys who discover their top defenseman is deceased. Believing that they are responsible for his death and that Habs Fans won't kill them if Markov is around, they attempt to convince people that he is still alive.

I laugh because if I start crying, I'll never stop.

Pierre, when are we going to stop pretending that Markov can come back from this? It's been a year--he's done. Seriously, if he comes back this season, I'll eat my hat.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ten Signs There's Something Wrong With Your Power Play

  1. You start cursing the ref when they call the other team for an egregious slew foot.
  2. You encourage reckless stick penalties to ensure that you can never possibly be a man up.
  3. Instead of pump up music, your organist begins to play this
  4. Your players seem confused and scared at the thought of outnumbering the other team.
  5. 5 on 3 has left you with post traumatic stress disorder.
  6. Whistles send you into fits of wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  7. It's considered a successful power play when you can say "hey! They didn't score on us that time!"
  8. You pray to god that they can hold out for one more minute. Just one more minute, and it's 5 on 5 again, oh god please
  9. You consider bribing the referees to waive off penalties that the other team incurs.
  10. Other teams start to play short a man against you--without a man in the box.

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